Our mission

The rescue, rehabilitation and adoption of reptiles in the greater Tucson area; and the education of the public in the care, keeping and maintenance of reptiles.

About Us

Tucson Reptile Rescue is Southern Arizona's only 501c3 non-profit, no kill animal shelter for sick, injured, found, abandoned and surrendered exotic reptiles. We take in these animals with no surrender fee, house them, feed them, get them veterinary care when needed and work diligently to find them caring, permanent homes. We are ran 100% by volunteers and receive no funding or grants. All adoption fees and donations collected go directly to care for animals. To avoid overcrowding and to stay no-kill we occasionally have to turn away an animal but we will do what we can to help. 


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***We are NOT accepting any red eared slider turtles or adult iguanas at this time!

We are closed for walk ins, please call 520-991-9553 to schedule an appointment to visit the shelter. 

Please understand there are adoption requirements that need to be met to help prevent these animals from ever ending up in a rescue situation again. This means that a typical adoption does not happen in one day.

Baby sulcata tortoises enjoying a salad. These babies will one day be over 100 lbs and can live over 100 years. They are quite active, they eat constantly and need lots of space. They also do not hibernate and need a heated area for chilly nights and winter time. A radiated heat panel is an inexpensive and safe way to heat a dog house or other small structure. Please do not house your tortoise in an aquarium or tank! Outdoors is best but indoor housing should have ventilation, heat, UV, humidity, a burrow and opaque sides. This species ends up in rescues often because of over-breeding and impulse buys. Please do lots of research before bringing home any pet but especially exotics. Do not breed sulcata, there are hundreds looking for homes just in this area.

We always have Red Eared Slider Turtles available for adoption. We do not charge an adoption fee as long as they are going into a pond and will never be bred. Water turtles need 10 gallons of water per inch of shell and heavy filtration.  Do not get a baby turtle under 4", it is illegal to offer these as pets and most of the places selling them do not give out the correct care information, most of these do not survive to become adults and many of the ones that do, become unwanted pets when they outgrow their tank. Please report the illegal sales of water turtles under 4 " to the FDA 

 Iguanas are not easy to raise and care for. They should live over 20 years, can grow over 5' long, have very sharp teeth and claws and their tails can inflict a painful whip. Just because they are herbivores does not make them a safer pet! They need huge amounts of space, lots of attention, high humidity, daily soaks, daily salads with variety, direct sunlight or artificial UV lighting (glass blocks UV) and supplements. They need 12'x6'x6' of space as an adult. They can get respiratory and skin infections as well as other medical problems from improper conditions. Please consider adopting an iguana if you want one as a pet instead of buying at a pet store and supporting the mass importation of these misunderstood animals. Homeownership and a home visit required to adopt